Entenmann-Rovin Co. is the manufacturer and distributor of custom awards such as The Golden Globe award, Davey Award, Webby award, etc. The material use to make such unique and define texture is Zinc with 18K-24K Gold plating, Rhodium plating and Bronze. As for most bases, the material use is wood with a piano finish. The award is place inside a beautiful leather or cardboard box to protect the award from scratches while is been ship. 

To start such exiting process we need:

  • Email, fax or mail a request for quote form (Which could be type and email from the Quote form tab on the home page section) Please fill in the form to the fullest!
  • Along with your request, send a draft idea, pictures, artwork or even an actual award or anything that could help us give you an accurate price.
  • Once we received all the above, we will contact you within 2-3 days to give you the total price!

After you have approved the price, we will:

Step 1 Send you a final artwork with measurements of the custom award, which will take 2 weeks.

Step 2 After you approved the artwork, we will provide you with a Rubber Mold sample, which will take 30 days.

Step 3 After the Rubber Mold sample is approved; we will provide you with the actual Zinc Mold, which will take 40-60 days to produce.

Additional Services are provided at an extra cost.

  • Engrave plate and place on the awards base
  • Include a packing slip with your Award logo, which will be inside the award box
  • Ship awards directly to the nominees/ winners (charging you the shipping cost)
  • Email confirmations with tracking information to the nominees/ winners